How to clear Full Stack Web Developer Interview


What is a Full Stack web developer?

Full stack web developer/ programmer is a person who knows and can handles development task at each layer. Application development is broadly divided into 3 layers. These layers are client side layer, server side layer and database layer.

Hey guys, worried about the full stack web developer interview process and having a facial expression like this guy?

clear full stack web developer interview
Full Stack Web Developer Interview

No doubt with the fact that, to clear an interview knowledge is necessary. But if you know few main questions, which will always be a part of an interview anywhere in the world then things are much easier. Below are the questions that interviewer gonna ask for a “full stack web developer” profile. These question well help you to let you know the pattern of the interview.

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself?

Ok, now I am telling you guys this is the warm-up question for the interviewer. While you answer he/she is going to prepare upcoming question, understanding your nature, etc. This is well-tested fact that, 90% of the time when someone is interviewing you. At the time of the interview, he/she does not have written a script of questions in their hands. In that case, next question is completely linked to the answer of the previous question.

Here, as obviously you just need to describe few things about yourself. For Example, [Name, from where you are, Work Ex, Designation/Role, Professional Specialization]. Here, while answering thing you have to remember “Be confident and get familiar with Interviewer and situation”.

Question 2: What is your Skillset?

Today we have lots and lots of technologies and programming languages in the market. Choose technology/tool from each category.

Client Side Technologies:

Javascript, HTML, CSS, SAAS, jQuery, Bootstrap, …….

To become a full stack web developer, these Technologies is the must.

Client Side framework:


Don’t worry with so many numbers of  javascript frameworks available in the market. In my opinion, you just need have good command on one or two frameworks and face your interview. Count on me guys at least if you have decent command on a single framework. In that case, it will take hardly 1 to 2 days (based on you) to learn and understand a new framework.

Server Side Technologies:

Java API, Web API, MVC, WCF, Entity Framework, Java API, ruby and rails, Python, node.js…..

Here, the same case either you should be part of Java family or .NET family or completely latest JavaScript and server side “node.js”. The main task of a developer at server side is to develop Web APIs, which provides data to the client application. Thus, having good command on either one of the technology to develop API is essential.


SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NoSQL databases

We know as Hadoop arrives in the picture industry is moving from “relational” to “non-relational” databases. But, having knowledge of Relational Database components is always beneficial. For Example, SQL Query Writing, Stored Procedures, Functions, Joins, Union, etc. Thus, to have knowledge of any of these technologies will surely land up to a successful career.

BI tools and languages:

Talend, Tableau, R language, SAS……

These Technologies are totally Business intelligence specific. Hence, they are not directly related to web application development. Don’t worry if you don’t know any of this technologies/tools there will be no negative effect on you. But, as we know most of the projects are business intelligence specific. In that case, having knowledge of these Technologies is beneficial.

An example of Full-stack Web Developer Skillset.

  • {Client Side Technologies} + {Client Side Framework} + {Server Side Technologies} + {Databases}
  1. {Client Side Technologies} + {AngularJS} + {ASP.NET Web API, ADO.NET, Entity Frameworks, LINQ} + {SQL Server}
  2. {Client Side Technologies} + {AngularJS} + {Java APIs, Ruby and Rails} + {Oracle,JDBC}
  3. {Client Side Technologies} + {BackboneJS} + {Java APIs, Ruby and Rails} + {Oracle,JDBC}
  4. {Client Side Technologies} + {AngularJS} + {Node.js} + {MongoDB}

Question 3: What are your Previous Applications?

Now, this is the question where the interviewer is trying to understand what kind of work you have done, do you have client facing experience? How do you understand client’s requirements? What was your team size?

In total your interviewer is trying to understand do you have real-time development experience or not.

To break this question you have to answer in a sophisticated way.

Answer: [Application’s Name] + [Client’s Name (if current company allows)] + [Functionality of Application]

Question 4: What Roles and Responsibilities you have handled previously?

A full stack developer is a person who can capable of handling multiple project-related roles and responsibilities concurrently. Here, Interviewer is looking for dam good person who not only develops an application but also capable of doing multiple tasks on the same time. So, tell them that you are part of the complete lifecycle of the Application. Application development life cycle starting from is follows

  • Requirement gathering.
  • Development.
  • Deployment on various servers (Dev, QA, UAT, Pre-Prod then finally Production server)
  • Support of the application.

Here, remember don’t ever tell them that you are a support guy. If they ask about support of the application tell them that you help support team in case of critical issues as a developer.

To crack this question or to be a full stack developer a person should have hands on experience and knowledge of complete application development lifecycle.

These 4 questions are the backbone of any interview. Interviewer defiantly gonna ask these 4 questions to a candidate, then he/she move towards technology specific questions.

For Technology specific questions, visit below links as per your preferred technologies.

We are soon going to provide frequently asked interviews questions on various Technologies. So, stay tuned. Be a “Tekkkie”

All the Best for your Interview 🙂